Keeping your privacy is of utmost importance to us. In order to help you understand how we formulate, collect information and use your personal information, we have developed the privacy policy. It also outlines the information type and how it is used.

Just like other websites, we too make use of the log in files. The information included in the files are the I.P address, the ISP or Internet Service Provider, time, date, number of clicks, and browser type. We also make sure that the IP address and the other information are not at all linked to any information which can be personally identified.

We do store cookies to help you browse our site's pages faster. This mainly includes recording user specific information, like the pages the users have visited, visitor preferences, customized web page content depending on your browser type.

We try to provide you the best possible service and so we make it a point to safeguard all your personal information. No personal information is shared with any third party. All information is stored in our system. We also make any information you have submitted readily available to you as and when required. We even allow you to disable the cookies if you want, through your browser. You can check out more information at your browser's website.

Above all, the content we post on this blog is based on honesty. Confidentiality of personal information is maintained and protected.